8th Grade – Meine Traumreise

Download the packet here to guide your research: Meine Traumreise

Lufthansa – Click to ‘book’ your travel to a German-Speaking city!

Deutsche Bahn – Click here to ‘book’ train travel throughout Germany. Austria and Switzerland

Not sure where to travel to?

List of large cities in Germany

Cities of Austria

Cities in Switzerland

Viel Glück!

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7th Grade Wohnungprojekt

Click below to view or print the project requirements:


This Link will take you directly to the floorplan software.


When you are done, click below to practice games and activities from the chapter.


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Project Requirements: Modekateloge

Here are some links to help you get started finding images for your fashion catalog projects.

C & A

H & M

Peek und Cloppenburg

Dress for Less

When you are finished, go to this site: http://dropitto.me/herrsidwell

The password is: deutsch

Upload your completed project. Make sure your name is in the file name. For example: herrsidwellproject.docx

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8th Grade Poster Project – Chapter 10

Click below to download requirements!

Kapitel 10 poster

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8th Grade Career Project Requirements

8th-grade-berufe – Click to download project requirements
Useful links:

http://www.bls.gov To find information about your chosen job.

When finished, you can review the vocabulary on quizlet. Try the games!



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Deutsch 2 Reise Projekt

In this project you will create a presentation with accompanying narration to relate a trip or family vacation you have taken in the past. You will:

  • Create a picture slideshow highlighting parts of the trip.
  • Write out a script narrating each slide.
  • Record your script to audio and include it with your presentation.
  • Take notes on classmates’ presentations.

This project is worth 40 points.


Miniprojekt meine ferien

When you are finished:

1. Save your presentation with your name in the filename.

2. Click on the following link: http://dropitto.me/herrsidwell

3. The password is ‘deutsch’

4. Browse to and then upload your presentation.


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7th Grade Familie Mini Project

CLICK HERE to download the template and begin editing

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