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Projekt – Was zu tun in Smithtown?

Was zu tun in Smithtown?

Imagine a German-speaking exchange student is coming to stay with you for an entire year and wants to get an idea of what kinds of things there are to do in your town during each of the four seasons, which of them you prefer, and which of them you don’t.

In this project you will prepare a document with pictures and text that indicates what hobbies and sports one does during the four seasons of the year.

  • The project can take any form you wish as long as it is not larger than 2 printed pages and fulfills the following requirements:
  • Include 3 activities you like to do during each of the four seasons and at least one you do not like to do.
  • Include at least four questions asking the reader his or her opinion of various activities or whether he or she likes doing them.
  • Everything is to be written in complete sentences.
  • Include some clip art or other appropriate pictures to illustrate your ideas and make them visually appealing.


This is a 15 point assignment worth roughly that of a quiz.

When finished:

1. Log into http://my.hrw.com using your user name and password

2. Click on “Go to the online textbook”

3. Use the drop down menus to navigate to Kapitel 2– Dritte Stufe

4. Click on the “Review and Assess” tab

5. Complete the Self-test actvities and print a summary when finished.

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