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German 7th Quizlet vocabulary for the year!

Here you will find links to all of the vocabulary we have done this year by chapter or topic! Spend some time going through these words so they are fresh in your mind for the final!

Kapitel 1 – Who are you? Greeting, getting to know someone.


Kapitel 2 – Spiel und Spaß Sports and Hobbys


Kapitel 3 – Komm mit nach Hause – Home and Family

1. Stufe: http://quizlet.com/_508j7

2. Stufe http://quizlet.com/_508rk

3. Stufe http://quizlet.com/_591id

Kapitel 4 – Alles für die Schule School subjects, supplies

1. Stufe http://quizlet.com/_5b9dc

2. – 3. Stufe http://quizlet.com/_5fl8x

Kapitel 5 – Klamotten Kaufen – Clothing

1. Stufe http://quizlet.com/_6a0g3

2. Stufe http://quizlet.com/_13idh

Kapitel 6 – Pläne machen Making plans, saying where one lives


Sport und Hobbys


Zu Hause

Rooms: http://quizlet.com/_5qhxw

Furniture: http://quizlet.com/_5qi1m

Die Länder Europas und ihre Hauptstädte


Das Wetter


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