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8th Grade Quizlet Vocabulary

To review for the final, you should go over not only the 8th Grade lists, but the 7th Grade lists as well! Viel Spaß!

Persönliche Eigenschaften – Personal charactersitics


Kapitel 7 – Zu Hause Helfen Chores around the house


Berufe – Jobs and Careers


Kapitel 8 – Einkaufen Gehen Food and Shopping

1. Stufe http://quizlet.com/_4z3ua

2.-3. Stufen http://quizlet.com/_591kw

Kapitel 9 – Amerikaner in München Places in a city, directions

1.-2. Stufen http://quizlet.com/_5p0q6

Kapitel 10 – Media

1. Stufe http://quizlet.com/_6d4fw

2.-3. Stufen http://quizlet.com/_6kcij

Kapitel 11 – Der Geburstag Using a phone, birthdays




Health and Wellness


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