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Practice Regents and SLP Exams!

To my 8th and 10th grade students: The exams you are taking next week are modeled after the old New York State Second Langugage Proficiency (8th Grade) and Regents examinations (10th Grade). Click the appropriate link to be taken to the archive of these exams for German. You can download the tests, teacher scripts and even the answer keys to give yourself a little more practice before the big day!

8th Grade Tests

10th Grade Tests

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German III Quizlet Vocabulary Links!

Kapitel 1 –

1. Stufe

2. Stufe

Kapitel 2



Kapitel 3

1. Stufe

2. Stufe

Kapitel 5

1. Stufe


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8th Grade Quizlet Vocabulary

To review for the final, you should go over not only the 8th Grade lists, but the 7th Grade lists as well! Viel Spaß!

Persönliche Eigenschaften – Personal charactersitics

Kapitel 7 – Zu Hause Helfen Chores around the house

Berufe – Jobs and Careers

Kapitel 8 – Einkaufen Gehen Food and Shopping

1. Stufe

2.-3. Stufen

Kapitel 9 – Amerikaner in München Places in a city, directions

1.-2. Stufen

Kapitel 10 – Media

1. Stufe

2.-3. Stufen

Kapitel 11 – Der Geburstag Using a phone, birthdays


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Komm Mit! 3 Review

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Adventskalender Online!

Click the link below to explore various German language online Advent calendars!


German 3 Kapitel 1 Self Test

27/10/2011 5 comments

Here is the link for the extra credit self test mentioned in class:


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German Review Online

Click the link below to review your German online!