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8th Grade – Meine Traumreise

Download the packet here to guide your research: Meine Traumreise

Lufthansa – Click to ‘book’ your travel to a German-Speaking city!

Deutsche Bahn – Click here to ‘book’ train travel throughout Germany. Austria and Switzerland

Not sure where to travel to?

List of large cities in Germany

Cities of Austria

Cities in Switzerland

Viel Glück!

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8th Grade Poster Project – Chapter 10

Click below to download requirements!

Kapitel 10 poster

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8th Grade Career Project Requirements

8th-grade-berufe – Click to download project requirements
Useful links: To find information about your chosen job.

When finished, you can review the vocabulary on quizlet. Try the games!


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8th Grade München Mini-Projekte

Start here:

Moodle – Log in and select your topic if you have not already done so!

Moodle Keys:

GHMS – deutsch8ghms

AMS – deutsch8ams


This is the English version of the official munich website and it will contain much of the information you will probably need to do your research. If you wish to explore the German version of the site, by all means do so! But the purpose of this assignment is for you to share information about a cultural or historical topic in Munich that interests you. You are required to introduce your topic in German using the following (for example)

  • Mein Thema ist _____________________. (whatever the topic is)
  • Give the location of the attraction using the German we have been practicing in class and tell how old it is in German, and at least one other small fact about it in German.
  • The rest of your presentation will be in English.

Some ideas for things to research if you haven’t selected a topic yet:

  • Oktoberfest
  • BMW
  • The Wittelsbach Dynasty
  • Münchener Zoo
  • History of the city crest (Stadtwappe)
  • Die Pest (the plague) Many sights in Munich memorialize this tragic occurence.
  • Allianz Arena (futuristic new soccer stadium built for the World Cup 2006)

Requirements: You must create a Powerpoint or other visual aide for your 3 minute presentation. But today should be primarily for RESEARCH! I want to see your information before you start perfecting your slide transitions.

*speak to Herr Sidwell before pursuing this topic

UPLOAD: When you are finished, click on THIS LINK to upload your work to my Google Drive. The password is ‘deutsch’

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8th Grade Chapter 8 Review

Kapitel 8 review

Kapitel 8 Self Test for Extra Credit. Print out summary!

Click the link above to download the chapter 8 review packet.

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Projekt – Klasse 8 – mein Wappen

Mein Wappen

Click on the above link to download the Wappen template. You can use it to insert pictures that correspond to some of the things you wrote about in your text. Beneath, on a separate page, you should type out your text. The written portion will be worth 20 points, and you will present it to the class for 10 points.


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MS German Resources

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