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Deutsch 2 Reise Projekt

In this project you will create a presentation with accompanying narration to relate a trip or family vacation you have taken in the past. You will:

  • Create a picture slideshow highlighting parts of the trip.
  • Write out a script narrating each slide.
  • Record your script to audio and include it with your presentation.
  • Take notes on classmates’ presentations.

This project is worth 40 points.


Miniprojekt meine ferien

When you are finished:

1. Save your presentation with your name in the filename.

2. Click on the following link:

3. The password is ‘deutsch’

4. Browse to and then upload your presentation.


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Deutsch 2 Kapitel 2 Extra Credit

CLICK HERE to go to the chapter 2 extra credit activities. Please print out the summary when you are finished and bring to class.

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Deutsch II Hausaufgabe

Schau den Video nochmal an und schreibt 8 Sätze darüber, was sie gemacht und gesehen hat.

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Quizlet German 2 Link

Click below to join the level 2 quizlet group.

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