8th Grade München Mini-Projekte

Start here:

Moodle – Log in and select your topic if you have not already done so!

Moodle Keys:

GHMS – deutsch8ghms

AMS – deutsch8ams


This is the English version of the official munich website and it will contain much of the information you will probably need to do your research. If you wish to explore the German version of the site, by all means do so! But the purpose of this assignment is for you to share information about a cultural or historical topic in Munich that interests you. You are required to introduce your topic in German using the following (for example)

  • Mein Thema ist _____________________. (whatever the topic is)
  • Give the location of the attraction using the German we have been practicing in class and tell how old it is in German, and at least one other small fact about it in German.
  • The rest of your presentation will be in English.

Some ideas for things to research if you haven’t selected a topic yet:

  • Oktoberfest
  • BMW
  • The Wittelsbach Dynasty
  • Münchener Zoo
  • History of the city crest (Stadtwappe)
  • Die Pest (the plague) Many sights in Munich memorialize this tragic occurence.
  • Allianz Arena (futuristic new soccer stadium built for the World Cup 2006)

Requirements: You must create a Powerpoint or other visual aide for your 3 minute presentation. But today should be primarily for RESEARCH! I want to see your information before you start perfecting your slide transitions.

*speak to Herr Sidwell before pursuing this topic

UPLOAD: When you are finished, click on THIS LINK to upload your work to my Google Drive. The password is ‘deutsch’

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Deutsch 2 Kapitel 2 Extra Credit

CLICK HERE to go to the chapter 2 extra credit activities. Please print out the summary when you are finished and bring to class.

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8th Grade Chapter 8 Review

Kapitel 8 review

Kapitel 8 Self Test for Extra Credit. Print out summary!

Click the link above to download the chapter 8 review packet.

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7th Grade Chapter 2 Review

Hallo! Here are some review materials for you to prepare for the chapter 2 test on Thursday, November 7th.

kap2 review – Download the review handout from class

Chapter 2 Online vocab

Chapter 2 Self-Test for Extra Credit. Print Summary page!

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German 2 Mini Projekt – Ein Berühmter Deutscher

The goal of this project is to write and present a brief profile in German about a famous German-speaking person. The text should be approximately 100 words and contain basic biographical information about the person, as well as a picture and brief physical description. This project will be worth 30 points: 20 for the written portion and 10 for your verbal presentation in class. You will be scored based on content, grammatical accuracy and overall effort.

Some questions to keep in mind to guide your writing:

Wer ist das?

Wann und wo wurde sie oder er geboren?

Wo wohnt er oder sie?

Warum ist sie oder er bekannt (famous)?

Warum findest du diese Person interessant?

Wie sieht er oder sie aus?

Your text should be your own. To look up individual words and phrases, please visit http://dict.leo.org

Select from among those below or choose your own with Herr Sidwell’s approval:

J. W. Goethe, Thomas Mann, Heinrich Heine, Günter Grass, Friedrich Schiller, The Brothers Grimm, Bertolt Brecht, Michael Ende
Albert Einstein, Robert Koch, Otto Hahn, Johannes Keppler, Baron Ferdinand von Mueller => option #1 / option #2, Gottlieb (Wilhelm) Daimler, Karl Friedrich Benz, Ferdinand Porsche, Wilhelm Konrad von Roentgen, Georg von Neumayer, Sigmund Freud, Hans Geiger, Werner von Braun, Johannes Gutenberg, Ferdinand von Zeppelin
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jürgen Prochnow, Marlene Dietrich, Nastassja Kinski
Film directors:
Wolfgang Petersen, Roland Emmerich, Wim Wenders, Volker Schlöndorf
Nina Hagen, Udo Lindenberg, Nena, Die Fantastischen Vier, Modern Talking, The Scorpions, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Toten Hosen, J. Brahms, J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Herbert von Karajan, Die Prinzen, Rammstein
When you are finished, you can visit Quizlet and practice vocabulary.
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Projekt – Klasse 8 – mein Wappen

Mein Wappen

Click on the above link to download the Wappen template. You can use it to insert pictures that correspond to some of the things you wrote about in your text. Beneath, on a separate page, you should type out your text. The written portion will be worth 20 points, and you will present it to the class for 10 points.


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Willkommen Zurück!

I hope you all had a fun, relaxing and all-around enjoyable summer! I also hope you are excited about continuing your study of German this year. I will be utilizing many online tools to better enhance communication and the overall classroom experience. Stay tuned for more information!

Herr S.

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